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The livable home service is a unique service that provides planning and assistance to those looking to modify an existing home to be more accessible or plan for future accessibility. Whether it's new construction, a renovation, or addition we can help loved ones, homeowners, and caregivers prepare their home so that it supports independence and freedom for as long as possible.

With this service, a Certified Aging in Place Specialist will come to the home and sit down with the homeowners, family members, and any healthcare providers or caregivers, to determine what the needs are and where issues may be occurring. Then we will tour the spaces and discuss where modifications can be made to best help support the homeowner now and in the future. The Certified Aging in Place Specialist will then evaluate the exterior and interior of the home and create a detailed item list of where possible challenges may occur and give suggestions to resolve them. No homeowner is obligated to make any changes. This consultation is to inform and educate only. We can also recommend Certified Aging in Place contractors to assist with home modifications. 

This service is not just for those aging in place, but for anyone with accessibility challenges. 26% of adults have some form of disability. As homes are not required to be accessible it can be difficult to live in a home that doesn't support your needs and makes life more difficult rather than easier. This is where we can help. We want your home to support mobility and independence in your home. Your home should work for you not against you.

Our CAP's professionals can also assist in selecting supportive furnishings, durable and safe finishes, and fabrics, adjustable lighting specific to accessibility needs as an additional design service. Contact us today to discuss your needs and we will tailor a service to help.

Typical on-site evaluations take between one up to three hours. After the meeting, the CAPS professional will type up a detailed evaluation to be submitted to the homeowners and caregivers.

The typical cost for this service is around $350.00. This cost covers expenses including but not limited to travel time, vehicle maintenance, gas, the time of the CAPS professional, creation of the evaluation after the meeting, and any follow-up inquiries, referrals, emails, etc.