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See the colors the major paint manufacturers predict you'll like and use for 2022

Every year a mysterious unknown group of people come together in secret to select the upcoming color trends. I'm still trying to figure out how one gets this job and I certainly hope wine is involved because if you've looked at some of the color names in a paint deck you've no doubt wondered if a lack of sobriety was involved in the selection process. On a more serious note, many of these trends come from other industries such as fashion and product designs. This years color's are, well, all over the place, but you'll see one noted consistency with the color of the year and I won't give it away. Make sure you get to the bottom for some important paint tips. Here are the color forecasts that paint manufacturers predict you'll love and use for 2022. Enjoy!


You can go to this link to read the full article. Benjamin Moore's color of the year for 2022 is October Mist 1495. This elegant gray-green tone is a soothing color that would look good on furniture, kitchen cabinets, as well as walls. Below is their palette of other colors for 2022:


Here is the link to Sherwin Williams 2022 color forecast where you can also download a complete PDF. Like Benjamin Moore Sherwin Williams has a mix of organic color trends. This year's Colormix includes four palettes called: Method, Opus, Dreamland, and Ephemera (see images below). Their color of the year is Evergreen Fox SW 9130. A slightly darker version of Benjamin Moore's October Mist. If you would like to see more information on their color of the year and see what other colors it pairs with go here. Not into this shade of green? Don't fret! Sherwin Williams selected forty colors for 2022!

Method Color Palette:

Comes from art deco, intention, modern organic and postmodernism influences.

Opus Color Palette:

Comes from modern maximalism, glam industrial, theater, and moody eclectic influences.

Dreamland Color Palette:

Comes from biomimicry, renewal, eco-style, and wellness influences.

Ephemera Color Palette:

Comes from nostalgia, retro futurism, meaning & memory, and optimism influences.


As HGTV is a Sherwin Williams partner I also looked into their color trends for 2022. If you'd like more information on this color palette and download the color cards and see inspiration images you can go here. HGTV Home collection color of the year is a soft blue called Aleutian HGS3355. A soft indigo color it along with the other colors selected are a nice soft palette of soothing hues. You can't go wrong mixing and matching these color's together. As you can see it's quite a contrast to the Sherwin Williams Colormix palette.


Behr has released a twenty palette color collection for 2022 and you can see it all here. Their color for the year? A soft green with a touch of blue called breezeway MQ3-27. Seeing the green trend here? Behr's color palette is an eclectic mix of soft and bold colors and while the HGTV Home palette would mix and match well together, I'm not so sure about this one. If you'd like to purchase any of these colors for your home, Home Depot is the official Behr paint dealer.


PPG Paint's 2022 release three color palette's for 2022 and you can see the complete list here. PPG has maintained it's stand alone brick and mortar stores like Sherwin Williams and you can go here to see their store locater. This year's three color palette's consist of forty colors total. The palettes are title Invaluable with it's dark and rich hues, Introspective; quiet and more muted tones, and Inspired with it's bright mood boosting colors. See below for images. PPG's color of the year? I know your going to be shocked! It's Olive Sprig PPG1125-4! Another green! Okay, pick yourself up off the floor. A soft yellow green Olive Sprig is darker, but not in your face type of green.

Invaluable Color Palette:

Introspective Color Palette:

Inspired Color Palette:

If you still can't get enough of this years color palette's Better Home's and Garden's magazine has a great article here. They include color's of the year from Krylon, Pantone, their own paint brand sold at Walmart, Dun-Edwards, and more.


You've made it and your still awake! Bravo! If you've been inspired and are now ready to make the leap to painting a wall or a whole room here are some important tips:

  1. Any professional painter will tell you that their final product is the result of prep. Fill the holes, sand the bumps down, Scrape and sand down any areas with chipping paint, and if you think you are talented enough to not need painters tape, you aren't! While that tape is a pain, it will save you many hours of swearing, and wiping up accidents.

  2. Don't buy the cheapest brand of paint! You may save money, but as someone who went down this road when I was young, DON'T DO IT! Those cheaper paints are as thin as water and you'll end up using twice as much paint (so much for saving money) and end up doing four coats just to get complete coverage. If you want to avoid those sore muscles as much as possible, upgrade to a mid-level brand paint (the person at the paint counter can make some recommendations) or buy a paint and primer in one.

  3. Rollers come with different 'naps.' That's the type of material used on the roller and how much paint the material holds. The thicker the nap is for heavily textured walls. Thinner naps or foam are for smooth surfaces. Too thick and you'll have drips and streaks. Too thin a nap and you'll be painting over the same surface several times.

  4. One thing I hear a lot is, "the paint chip doesn't match what's on my walls!" This could be several factors. First is the lighting in your room (sunlight and the color of your bulbs) will ALWAYS be different than the lighting in the store. I always recommend getting a small quart of the paint or larger paint samples of the colors you want to use and putting them up in several areas of the room for several days. Note how the color changes during the day. Put the paint/samples up against any furniture and cabinets in the space too. Another factor is the number of coats and thickness of paint. In order to get the same color as the paint chip the manufacturers typically recommend three good coats on the walls. Especially if your going over a dark color.

  5. Cut in first. Paint the corners, around window and door trim, and base molding first, then paint the walls. This way you won't be 'tempted' to get your roller as close to the molding as possible and get paint on the trim. Then you've added repainting the trim to your to do list!

  6. If you forgot to get those plastic liners for your paint pans, you can use plastic grocery bags or garbage bags in a pinch.

  7. Take a nail and punch several tiny holes in the rim of the paint can. This will allow paint to drip back into the can after you've poured some out.

  8. Use disposable cups to hold paint for trim work.

  9. Not all whites are the same. Even by brand! Some will have a slight yellow tint while others will have a touch of blue.

  10. Sheen matters! The shinier (Gloss, semi-gloss) will show every imperfection on the walls. If you have a lot of imperfections go with lighter colors in a flat or egg-shell finish. Standard sheen's for trim (door molding, window molding, base molding, and crown) is semi-gloss. Usually walls in kitchens and bathrooms are semi-gloss for easier cleaning, but those sheens aren't very attractive. See Number 11....

  11. Not all paints are scrubbable! If you are painting a kitchen, bathroom, or have children and dogs consider paying a little more for scrubbable paint. You can get a lower sheen (flat or egg shell) and still get the same cleanability of a semi-gloss.

I hope these tips help you save some sanity on your next project! If you need some help deciding on a paint color we can help! Go to our services page for more information.

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