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Before 2018 was even halfway through color forecasters were working on 2019 predictions of what colors people were going to like. I don't know if they are using a crystal ball, magic eight ball, highly technical AI software that scours the internet, or a ouija board to see into the future, but I have to wonder if it's all a sales tactic to tell the public what they should buy rather than using our own judgement. Let's face it, for most people picking paint is the hardest decision to make. Harder than picking their kids names. Harder than learning to drive a car. Even harder than deciding on whether to vote for Trump or Clinton! The fear and trepidation that some people feel about picking a paint color is just too much stress to handle so their walls will forever remain white. Even so the paint industry still tries to help the general public be brave and put some color into their lives!

Behr's 2019 color trends are subdued more than other color forecasters. Gray hues of blue, green, purple, and even pink touch on other forecasters trends, but toned down for those who don't want to be overwhelmed by bolder versions of the 2019 colors.

Sherwin Williams 2019 color forecast palette looks very different when compared to Behr's.

Blue? Check. Green? Check. Pink? Check. Gray and taupe? Check and check. This palette has a bit of everything. Some are subdued and other colors are bright and bold. It's frankly all over the place, but when you want to have a color for everyone's taste you have to have more than just the hottest trends. I'm sure sales from 2018 drove some of the predictions. For instance, Sherwin Williams Kilim Beige is the number one selling paint color. This neutral color somehow works as the perfect background to any color palette. I've used it as well and never had a complaint.

Pantone usually led the charge when it comes to color predictions. That being said I've seen some of their colors stay in the paint deck more than once. For 2019 they have a whole book on colors to choose for your home. For $395.00 you too can explore what Pantone has in store for 2019. I think I'll save my money.

The Pantone 2019 Cravings Palette

The Craving's palette was based off of "food fetishes." Um, excuse me what? Are we just making this up now? Anyway, the unfortunate truth is pink is returning. For those of us who are a little older this is not Chili Pepper and Cayenne. This is pink and fuschia.

Pantone 2019 Classico Palette

Pantone listed the Classico palette as "fundamental, basic, everlasting, elegant, and forever fashionable." Sure. Whatever. Can I have a glass of what your drinking? There's that pink again! Oh and look at that gold! That's making a comeback although it's no longer brass. It's champagne and blush gold. So I guess if you rename the same color it changes it?

A color that might require the bravest of souls is PPG's 2019 color of the year; night watch. This deep blue-green paint is dramatic and bold. In the above picture it is paired with two other trends; gold or champagne if you prefer, and blush pink. Joanna Gaines has used this color several times on her show Fixer Upper and smartly contrasts it against simpler colors like white cabinets and carrera marble, which really makes the color scream, "here I am! Look at me!"

So are you ready to run out and buy gallons of paint and throw it on your walls like a drunk Jackson Pollock? As you can see everybody has their own predictions of what will be popular and it will change every year so as fast as you put it up in a few months someone will say it's out of date. When your finally ready to take your therapist with you to the paint store and sift through the hundreds of choices take a few of these tips with you.

Take a look at your closet. You are already gravitating towards certain colors and you don't even realize it. When we shop for clothes we love to where the colors we love. A full quarter of my closet is nothing but blue shirts. From teal to cobalt; I love blue! Try starting with two or three of the colors you love the most. If paint is a commitment you just can't make yet then try finding smaller items in those colors. An accent pillow, vase, artwork, drapery, can all add lots of color to a room. Have you thought about just doing one accent wall? Painting the wall behind your sofa, bed, or fireplace, can make a dramatic focal point to a room.

Order larger paint samples. Any paint store will have paint samples in larger sizes. You can order them online and have them shipped to your house. Order four each of the largest size and tape them up in your room. Then watch how they change color based on the light coming from your windows at different times of the day and how your lighting changes the colors. Yes, light does have a color! That's a whole other post. Darker colors will absorb more light and lighter colors will reflect more light. It's called the Light Reflectance Value or LRV. Most paint samples should have this number. The higher the number the more light it reflects. The lower the number the less light it reflects. It doesn't mean you can't go for a darker color, but you should know you will need to add more light to the space if you do. Unless you like it dark. Also know that darker colors may require up to four coats to get to the true color.

Do not put sample colors right next to each other on the wall. Also don't put paint samples on a wall that already has a bold color on it already. Put something white behind it first. Why? Our eye's do this funny little thing when we put different colors next to each other. It changes how we perceive the actual color. take a look at the image below. Is the blue on the right side darker? Is the blue on the left side lighter?

Background colors can distort the color on top

The image above shows the exact same blue on the left and right, but the background color alters our perception of the same two colors. If you are looking at different shades of the same green, evaluate them separately on the wall first before putting them side by side. Again, our eyes will play tricks on us and alter how we see a color based on the color next to it.

My final tip? Hire an interior designer to help you. Most of us will consult on an hourly basis and work with your budget. We have paint decks and even help you pick out furniture and accessories! Were trained like that!

Color can be a deeply personal and emotional experience. It can remind of us happy vacations or trigger a memory of something sad. Color should reflect who we are. Trends are just that, trends. They come and go. The color in your home should make you smile because you love it and it says, "this is me." Now if you want to paint a room a new color every year, then you deserve some sort of award for wanting to put in that kind of work. If you do please leave a comment below. Have painting tips to add? Please let us know! Painting doesn't have to be scary. It's just color. It won't hurt you. I promise!

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